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i2insights specializes in providing business leaders with timely information and real intelligence to help mitigate the risks and uncertainties of business and investment environments. Knowledge gaps are minimized, knotty problems are unraveled and blindspots are reconciled — as a result, our clients have a lower risk profile and are better equipped for growth and improved operations.

Our clients come to us because they believe we can capture and deliver the information + intelligence they need. We do. Teams continually focus on ensuring our research + analysis is defensible and truly meaningful to each client. You will see we are obsessed with details, answering the most difficult questions, providing the implications of our findings, and noting parallel lessons learned that will benefit our clients.

Because we are deeply attuned to the pressures our clients face, we always adopt a surge mindset so stakeholders have what they need before they need it, whether it is immediately, “as soon as possible” or over an extended timeline. Our clients know in advance about the art, science and most applicable methodologies fueling each project.

Core Services

Intel & Analysis
We’ve delivered scores of bespoke studies to help corporations, investment firms and advisory firms know about and better anticipate what’s now and next in core, adjacent and potential markets of interest in the US and overseas, from the big picture to “in the weeds” details. Capturing and assessing trends and drivers, market share, customers, CAGRs, players, disruptors, strategy, sales supply chain, distribution, risks, opportunities — you name it — is standard fare for us, whether we are looking at broadly-defined or extremely niche and obscure markets.
Evidence-based insights continue to be the foundation for informing our sales and product-owner clients how to best keep at-risk customers, succeed with must-win opportunities and better understand key decision-makers and influencers. Proven methodologies help to identify and qualify emerging opportunities, bring clarity to critical success factors for retaining or capturing new business and enable win-loss analysis for lost accounts. We fully explore the story, the details and the nuances to help our clients know how they can position for success.
Due Diligence
Discriminating investors and corporations look to us to uncover risks to help protect their interests for investments and M&A. We bring a fresh perspective to traditional questions around growth alignment, management and portfolios. It is not uncommon for us to uncover information even the investment banks don't know — we also "beat the press" when it comes to high-profile deals and market shifts. Clients seeking to vet potential strategic hires, partners and suppliers benefit from a similar approach.

Market Adaptability

We are experts in nimbly obtaining and deeply analyzing information + intelligence across global industry verticals; we are not limited by a particular market focus. i2insights excels at bringing sophisticated methodologies, best practices and broad-based knowledge to critical questions needing answers. In doing so, our clients benefit from these processes and reporting styles — including our powerful data visualization. In fact, our multi-industry experience, intense intellectual curiosity and well-honed skills in the art and science of our craft create an environment where we eagerly go as wide and deep as each client requires ... and then some.
& Defense
Recognized expertise across all segments from commercial aircraft, C4ISR, combat vehicles, services, unmanned systems to advanced weapon systems, and everything in between.
Extensive experience across multiple categories including the food and beverage, luxury and RTW fashion, makeup and skincare, home goods, office goods, and electronics segments.
Clients tend to be most interested in U.S. and European institutional, commercial and HNW products, services and IT.
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Deep experience across healthcare insurance, market reform, healthcare IT, and life science products and equipment.
& Technology
Our work here spans the education, retail, hospitality and leisure, logistics, human resources, wireless communications, federal IT, cyber security, professional services, and sensor markets.
& Supply Chains
Our studies have spanned many industry verticals, looking at supply chain, operations, processes, tools, and distribution channels.
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Blindspots are natural but they don’t have to influence how business is done or how investments are made. Knowingly or not, the lens of a company culture can influence how competitive threats and new ideas are perceived, interpreted and assessed — sometimes leading to blindspots and assumptions potentially out of sync with the market, competitive and customer landscape. Our independent, unbiased position helps to address this potential achilles heel; in fact, it is a core element of our culture.

Our Clients

We work directly with global corporations, mid-size and small companies and investment firms. We also partner with other consulting firms who need our expertise. A few of our direct and indirect clients include:
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independent and impartial information + intelligence
  • “Thanks for pulling together such rich data so quickly. The information you provided is really helpful and the traction under such a short timeframe is impressive.”
    - Vice President for Strategic Intelligence -
  • “The benchmarking data and analysis you provided is helping us to refine our global processes so we may better serve our clients and compete better in the next two quarters. We are also better positioned to anticipate and operate in these specific markets over the next 12-18 months. We couldn't ask for much more.”
    - Global Director -
  • “The value here is that you provided us with intelligence we didn't have, couldn't get. Because of this, our decision about this investment is now crystal clear.”
    - Portfolio Manager -
  • “I am totally stunned that you were able to acquire this much information! We were concerned this would be too difficult and instead can now be on a very clear path forward.”
    - Account Manager -
  • “We won the account! We were better prepared based on the customer and channel intelligence you delivered. The insights made a difference from how we interacted with the prospect to how we delivered our message.”
    - Account Director -


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